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Created in 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland, E-Secure initially offered only license sales. In 2002, E-Secure took a new turn and specialised in McAfee technologies, becoming the first regional “Platinum” partner in the history of the group. McAfee provides advanced security solutions to individuals, businesses, and governments, but the California-based company is not alone in leading the way in digital security. Over the years, new partnerships have been formed with notable players such as Cylance, Varonis, Microsoft and Barracuda.

Sensitive to our corporate social responsibility, we try to strive for balance at all times. For example, positions are 32% filled by women throughout our workforce and we are committed to achieving parity by 2022. Finally, we see training as the very essence of any lasting transformation. Therefore, we are also committed to education, providing an apprenticeship of excellence to professionals and apprentice students in the city of Geneva.

Certified experts serving
your digital security

E-Secure provides state-of-the-art services adapted to the operational needs of SMEs, multinational companies, and government agencies, through its expert teams - including service managers, analysts, incident managers and integration engineers.

What matters to us:


    • Our team prides itself on how we pay attention to our customers. Only the right questions will provide the right answers. Our strengths lie in how we listen, analyse, create a connection, and constructively challenge IT teams.

    • Cybersecurity is a 24/7 business. Our flexibility and team spirit provide you with unrivalled responsiveness and professionalism.

    • Because ethics and technology cannot be dissociated, we do not keep any personal data and intervene only on the malicious elements of your information system.

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