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E-Secure, a Geneva-based cybersecurity expert

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Garnatir l'accès aux données tout en les sécurisant depuis n'impoorte où et n'importe quel support est essentiel. Venez découvrir Workspaces de Blackberry.
Nexthink et E-Secure se mobilisent pour offrir une meilleure expérience IT à vos employés en home office.
Quelles seront les technologies ou pratiques émergentes ? Avec quelles conséquences, pour les entreprises et la société dans son ensemble ? Frédéric Merland, expert en cybersécurité, vous livre ses prévisions en cyber-risques, pour mieux anticiper votre cyberdéfense.

Hyper-connected and at your side

E-Secure,—a company specialising in cybersecurity since 2000 and based in Geneva—provides consulting and support services to secure and optimise your computer systems. Based on best practices and market standards, E-Secure offers solutions for your security, managed services and infrastructure outsourcing to help your company:

  • leverage its IT investments;
  • protect its digital assets from cyber risks;
  • maintain its compliance (RGPD, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, etc.).

What if you gave us the keys to your computer equipment?

Delegate the partial or complete management of your IT, to reduce your costs, secure your data, and enjoy a flexible and scalable infrastructure. Throughout French- and German-speaking Switzerland—including the regions of Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Zurich, Lugano, Bern, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Valais—E-Secure's consulting and outsourcing services provide you with the experience, expertise, and intelligence to help you better architect, implement, and optimise your servers and applications, as well as your security processes. You can focus on your core business and high value-added activities!

In brief

  • 20 years of multi-sector experience
  • More than 1,000 customers (companies and organizations) trust us
  • 98% of our clients renew their contracts
  • More than 18,000 management positions in our managed services

E-Secure is committed!

At the crossroads of IT management consulting and digital security consulting, E-Secure provides a quality service that is recognised by more than 1,000 customers, from Geneva to Zurich, via Lausanne, Basel, Lugano, Bern, Neuchâtel, and Fribourg.

Trust E-Secure to:

    • expertises

    • become an extension of your IT operations: Improve your infrastructure or completely relinquish IT management, allowing you to focus on your strategic activities;
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    • security

    • be proactive and responsive in combating cyber threats: Gain an understanding of IT threats to your business from security analysts (SOCs) who intervene remotely (or on-site).
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    • infrastructure

    • support you in your strategic IT decisions: Benefit from the latest technologies (artificial intelligence, etc.) and embrace a peaceful and cost-efficient digital transformation.
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